The magic of ambient ads

For a lot of outsiders (not in advertising business even few professionals) still think ads are those commercials that we see on TV or simply equals to posters on the wall.

We cannot blame them. Ads or “non-ads”  are hard to be distinguished now,especially those ideas applies to ambient advertising  are actually saturated into daily life without even noticing it. Barry pointed out that good ads can be applied to all media and be used in many ways,that’s what Ambient advertising is all about.

Ambient ads are my favorite category among the ads studies. The magic of ambient advertising is: it is unexpected, direct response, creative. The right ambient concept applied in the right media can facilitate direct and influential  communication with the target markets/ audience.

Ambient ads can be existed anywhere in any media format: on the bus, your blindfold, any single objective can be used as advertising media, as long as the combination of media and ideas are matched efficiently. To achieve this ,it requires observation, thinking outside the box.

I think this simple idea here that demonstrates the merits of ambient ads pretty good though it’s a bit too direct and rough.


Basically this ad is trying to remind people to wash their hands after done with No.1 and No.2. Interestingly, the focus falls on the door knob as that’s the first thing we would grab to get the door, which combines with THAT part of human body to generate further thinking for audience.While you feel funny about the whole giant ads in front you,there’s a small yellow sign board grabs your attention— the most important message to be delivered. That’s really entertaining and educational.



Barry, P (2012), ‘Ambient’, The Advertising Concept Book, pp. 179 – 189, Thames and Hudson, London

Ryan Lum (2012) ‘What is Ambient Advertising? accessed  May 9,2016

What is Ambient Advertising?

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